What is MysticChic?
MysticChicBeauty is an independent beauty and cosmetic company.  Its a subsidiary of Xtream Media Inc. and is sold on Amazon under XtreamBrand's storefront. Its based in Minneapolis, MN and sources its products from the US and North America unless specified.
What is the return policy for MysticChic products?
MysticChic prides in offering premium cosmetics and professional level beauty tools.  While we stand by our products, sometimes an odd product may have defects.  Nobody likes to spend money on a product that doesn't deliver or meets expectations. MysticChicbeauty has a 30 day no questions asked guarantee in which a defective product will be refunded.  After 30 days we offer store credit.  We rely on our customer's feedback to ensure that our formulas deliver the experience, consistent quality performance product after product.  Customer feedback and reviews ensure that MysticChic offers the right product for their customers' needs.  If a product fails to deliver consistent outstanding results, we will discontinue the product and find better formulas.  Customer satisfaction is key to building a great relationship with our customers.
How are MysticChic products fulfilled?
MysticChicBeauty uses Fulfillment By Amazon.  While you can shop securely on mysticchicbeauty.com, when you place your order, our fulfillment is completed by our partner at Amazon.  By shopping on MysticChicBeauty, you have the options of using PayPal,, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Amazon Payments.  Fulfillment By Amazon gives our customer discounted shipping options and tracking.  Returns are easy as well (but we hope you LOVE our products).  We want to make your shopping experience seamless, easy and fun!
Can I find MysticChic products in stores?  I would like to try them before before buying them.
Not yet.  But you can help us get our product into stores, shops, boutiques and salons.  Not just by being a fantastic customer, but we would love to use your Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, Pinterest Pins and Snapchat shots and YouTube Hauls to help bring MysticChic into stores.  You can be a brand rep!
If you are an MUA, Retailer, Sales Rep, Store Owner, please fill out the form in the Retailers section.