The Art of Defining Oneself

Nancy Saunders

As I was forming the concept of MysticChic, I wanted to get to the truth of why I felt so passionately about providing a premium cosmetic product to makeup addicts worldwide that doesn’t break the bank.

The inner critic in me demanded, “Who do you think you are?  What kind of delusion are you believing in?  You are no Mogul, no Model, no Celebrity?”

I felt then what I know what beauty and makeup addicts feel now.  I love makeup.  I love the creativity and illusion that proper makeup and skincare can provide and I love how I can try the latest trends in cosmetics, highlights, contours, strobing, finishes, colors, and textures and then the next day do something totally different.

Back in the day when I was an actress, the guy I dated complained about my wearing lipstick.  It was 1992.  I became addicted to Princess Marcella Borghese’s lipstick in Regalia Red.  It was my first upscale $20+ cosmetic purchase I gave myself after I ventured to NYC by myself (and knowing only one person there) to pursue my acting career.  I will never forget the color, the creamy moisture, the fullness it gave my thin lips and that bluish red that highlighted my green eyes.  Somehow, the defined lip also defined my weak chin and brought everything out looking great.  There was absolutely NO WAY I was going to part with my favorite lipstick. 

“You know, I really don’t like a lot of makeup on women.  I don’t really like lipstick.” My dear boyfriend said.

And me, with that Gloria Swanson like drawl replied:

“Oh, honey, I don’t wear lipstick for YOU.  I wear lipstick for ME!”. 

We parted ways not too soon thereafter.  It had nothing to do with lipstick but I’m sure he wasn’t all that happy I loved to paint my face boyfriend’s opinion be damned!

And that is the bottom line of the philosophy of MysticChic.

Makeup is for everyone.  It’s like art supplies for the face.  It allows people to experiment with different looks and therefore how they perceive and define themselves as well as making an effort to how people perceive the wearer.  Makeup can be a statement.  Goth, Punk, or corrective, Makeup is a tool that can boost the inner glow of the person or express that’s person’s personality.  I know that when I have a “good hair day” my inner self is a little bit confident and less self-conscious.  Currently I’m experimenting with how I wear my eyeliner because thanks to aging and gravity, the old way simply doesn’t work for my eyes anymore. 

To me, makeup is an extension of contemplating who you think you are and trying another personality on for size.  And besides its fun.  It’s fashionable.  And you can always change your mind and try a new Persona tomorrow. 

To Divine is to seek answers when it seems that the answer is cloudy.  Probabilities and Possibilities are all present in the unknown.  To #ReDivine Yourself is to finding your true possibilities, discovering your inner Truth.  To embrace your own authority.  Yes, it’s a pun on Redefinition because for many of us, society loves to tell us “Who We Think You Are”.  MysticChic defies that.  MysticChic is about our inner beauty manifested outward according to our own definitions of who we think we are.